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What Our Clients Say

"JoAnne has taught me the principles of sorting that have allowed me to dig out of 26 years of snarled-up mess. After her work, I am able to find the things I am looking for immediately! I've never had so much room! She is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to her visit very much. I thought I would feel intimidated by someone coming in to look at all the mess that had gotten so out of control, but she was so easy to work with I was completely relieved. I'm overjoyed I overcame my reluctance and asked for her help!"

Lila S.

"JoAnne came to my home to help me organize my kitchen. With JoAnne's knowledge and support I was able to downsize and easily find items needed to work comfortably in the kitchen. It felt so good we continued on to the pantry, husband's den and storage area in the garage. JoAnne has storage solutions I was unaware of and they worked great in my spaces. This experience has motivated me to other areas of my life. I highly recommend More Space More Time."

Melody P.

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"I recently had to move my mother into a care facility when we could no longer take care of her at home. They say you can’t take it with you when you die. I can add to that, you can’t take 98 percent of it with you when you move to a care facility. JoAnne sorted through 96 years of accumulation leaving the 5% of important things for me to sort through and carefully finding a place for the 95% of stuff that wasn’t important, whether it was items that needed to be shredded for security reasons, or stuff that could be donated to others that could really use it...A huge burden lifted off my shoulders. Well worth it."

Dan S.

"As nervous and embarrassed as I was to reach out for JoAnne's assistance, it is one of the best choices I’ve ever made and am proud that I asked for her help. After many sudden and drastic life surprises, I found my surroundings in disarray and felt overwhelmed with anxiety. JoAnne made me feel at ease immediately during our initial consult and provided the confidence I needed to conquer my clutter and get organized. She is a breath of fresh air to work with. The positive impact a clutter-free and organized environment has brought upon my total well being has been truly life altering."

Heldi H.

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JoAnne is quite gifted at making things happen in the organization department! She has a way about her that is non-judgmental about how big your mess is and makes you feel very comfortable. I know every time I use her that we will get things cleared out and done in a very short time frame. She is fastidious, focused and all the while is enjoyable bringing lots of smiles to the job. I highly recommend her to any and all who want some help getting organized and decluttered!

Liberty M.

I don't know why I ever hesitated to start this process of decluttering and simplifying my life! JoAnne is very kind, but firm in her efforts to help guide you through the cathartic process of making order from chaos. She started with my home office and I have never been more productive! Then, we moved to my closet/dressing room... I believe my blood pressure has lowered tremendously as I now know everything is where I can find it at a glance. (A byproduct: My husband started organizing his home office after being inspired by what JoAnne achieved with mine!) I cannot recommend More Space. More Time. More!!! Don't wait!!!

Sarah M.


Thank you JoAnne Hanses for helping me organize my laundry room and pantry! The spaces are much more functional and look so much nicer. JoAnne really listened to how we use (and wanted to use) the spaces and came up with creative solutions. She was efficient and made the process so easy. Dare I say.... I had fun! Looking forward to my future CLOSET remodel.

JoAnne has made a difference in our home! Helping us find practical organization solutions for various spaces in our home and time management! She continues to work with us to declutter and maintain our home to achieve better functioning and improve family space. We are so thankful for her hard work and support! It makes a difference for our family time and connection and brings peace to our home!

Julie H.

Cindy F.

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